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Tag: Ripple

This Loan Provider Takes Ripple (XRP) as Collateral

Crypto loans provider Nexo has announced that XRP is now accepted as a collateral option for users to access instant loans. Announcing the move on its official blog last week, Nexo revealed that the decision was taken following the outcome of a community poll which indicated that users wanted XRP added as an option. The…

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Malaysia to Spain: Asian FinTech Completes Ripple Blockchain API Payment

A central-bank approved Malaysian Fintech startup that has specializes in international money transfers has completed its first cross-border transfer on RippleNet, Ripple’s enterprise blockchain platform using an API solution. With a payment from Malaysia to Spain, Kuala Lumpur-based MoneyMatch has completed its first cross-border blockchain transaction, a local report from Focus Malaysia confirmed. The transaction,…

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Thailand’s Siam Commercial Bank will Pioneer ‘Multi-Hop’ on Ripple Blockchain

According to a September 28thblog from Ripple, the Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) will be the first to use RippleNet’s “multi-hop” feature. This will allow the bank to settle frictionless payments on behalf of other financial entities in Ripple’s enterprise blockchain network. Ripple says the multi-hop feature gives the SCB the ability to: “Receive and forward on…

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‘Ripple for Good’: Ripple Commits $100 Million to Social Giving Program

Blockchain payments giant Ripple has formally announced its social impact program ‘Ripple for Good’, with donations to exceed $105 million for a number of projects already underway. In an announcement today, the San Francisco-based fintech firm said the social giving program will focus on educational projects that further financial inclusion around the world. Ripple for…

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More than a Ripple: What Pushed XRP up 100% in a Week

In a supernormal rally that almost lost ethereum its silver spot, ripple (XRP) gained about 100 percent in a week. The maximum difference in XRP’s market cap between the week’s lowest and highest level turned out to be almost $19.8 billion. That’s nearly a 184 percent jump. True, the valuation dropped after establishing the weekly…

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