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Bitcoin Price ‘Could Go from Bad to Worse’: Bearish Analyst

The most potential use case of bitcoin today is the store of value. But an analyst thinks otherwise. Stephen Innes, head of Asia Pacific trading at Oanda, a New York-based forex firm, believes that the world’s leading digital currency is due for another drop because it hasn’t provided the world a “significant use-case” yet. The Bitcoin…

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Bitcoin Price Becoming Less Volatile than Amazon Stock: CBOE Analyst

The next time your nocoiner friends or relatives criticize your decision to allocate a (hopefully reasonable) percentage of your investments into bitcoin, you can tell them that you’ve chosen to put money the flagship cryptocurrency because you don’t have the stomach for more volatile asset classes — stocks, for instance. Granted, that argument doesn’t have…

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Bitcoin Breakout ‘Only a Matter of Time’: Analyst

Bolstered by stable trading volume, growing network activity, and increasing validation on Wall Street, the bitcoin price could be on the brink of a major move to the upside. Writing in daily market commentary made available to CCN, eToro senior market analyst Mati Greenspan said that the stars continue to align for a potential bitcoin…

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Bitcoin Price Heading into ‘Classic Breakout Pattern’: Analyst

The bitcoin price has been remarkably stagnant in recent weeks, with the flagship cryptocurrency’s volatility declining to a 17-month low on Oct. 8. Analysts including Bloomberg Intelligence commodity strategist Mike McGlone have said that this could be an indication the cryptocurrency market is beginning to establish itself into a maturing asset class. But while declining…

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Bitcoin Price Close to Bottom, Will See $10,000 this Year: Analyst

The cryptocurrency market capitalization has dropped by $575 billion since its all-time high, and the bitcoin price has dropped by two-thirds since it peaked near $20,000. But a hedge fund manager believes the trend is about to reverse. Spencer Bogart, partner at cryptocurrency and blockchain venture firm blockchain Capital, predicted a bullish retracement for bitcoin…

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Bitcoin Price Could Crash to $100, Claims Forex Analyst

There’s something about a prolonged cryptocurrency market downturn that leaves bears jockeying to be the one to twist the final knife in bitcoin’s battle-scarred back. The latest jab comes from Marek Paciorkowski, a financial market analyst at Polish forex platform Aforti Exchange S.A. Speaking in an interview with Romanian financial publication Business Review, Paciorkowski speculated…

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‘Game Over’ for Bitcoin, Claims Bearish Technical Analyst

If the bitcoin price falls below the important year-to-date support level, the dominant cryptocurrency will suffer irreparable damage in the marketplace. This is the opinion of Renaissance Macro Research, quoted by CNBC on Thursday Aug. 9. Bitcoin May Be ‘Permanently Impaired’ According to the financial analysis firm, what bitcoin is facing right now could be…

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Litecoin Price ‘Massively Discounted’: Cryptocurrency Analyst

Supporters of litecoin often tout the sixth-largest cryptocurrency as “silver to bitcoin’s digital gold,” but one cryptocurrency says it’s also a diamond in the rough. Writing in an eight-page report published on Tuesday, eToro senior market analyst Mati Greenspan argues that the litecoin price is trading at a “massive discount to what it should be…

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